Cannot Compile Package Matrex on Gigalixir

Hi Everyone,
I am new to elixir and trying to deploy my first phoenix app,
I am using the package matrex which requires the following packages to be installed in the environment:

build-essential, erlang-dev and libatlas-base-dev as per the github

while running

git push gigalixir master

I get the following error:

could not compile dependency :matrex, “mix compile” failed. You can recompile this dependency with “mix deps.compile matrex”, update it with “mix deps.update matrex” or clean it with “mix deps.clean matrex”
remote: ** (Mix) Could not compile with “make” (exit status: 2).
remote: You need to have gcc and make installed. If you are using
remote: Ubuntu or any other Debian-based system, install the packages
remote: “build-essential”. Also install “erlang-dev” package if not
remote: included in your Erlang/OTP version. If you’re on Fedora, run
remote: “dnf group install ‘Development Tools’”.

I think this is because the previously mentioned packages are not installed on the gigalixir environment.
Is my thinking correct and if so is there a way to install these packages?

Thanks for reading!