Cannot create Tesseract in Evision - Evision.Text.OCRTesseract.create()

I have a Livebook based on the find_and_draw_contours.livemd example provided in the evision github repo.

What I am doing is attempting to read letters that are engraved on metal. I have gotten the letters relatively clear and readable.

At this point I use Tesseract on the command line. What I would like to do next is do the OCR inside the Livebook itself, using Evision’s Tesseract integration. But, I fail to create the Tesseract instance.

Evision.Text.OCRTesseract.create() is giving the following error:

** (ArgumentError) argument error
(evision 0.1.37) :evision_nif.text_text_OCRTesseract_create_static()
(evision 0.1.37) lib/generated/evision_text_ocrtesseract.ex:125: Evision.Text.OCRTesseract.create/0
…/phoenixcode/ocr_engraved_metal.livemd#cell:bqanhcczwywxkmptdbotd4ntno42cu66:1: (file)

I am pretty new at this. Thank you for a great library, loving it so far.