Cannot install Erlang 23.1.2

I am unable to install Erlang 23.1.2 on Ubuntu 20.04. This is the complete output:

~$ asdf install erlang 23.1.2
Extracting source code
Building Erlang/OTP 23.1.2 (asdf_23.1.2), please wait...
Erlang/OTP 23.1.2 (asdf_23.1.2) has been successfully built
Installing Erlang/OTP 23.1.2 (asdf_23.1.2) in /home/tom/.asdf/installs/erlang/23.1.2...
Couldn't install Erlang/OTP 23.1.2 (asdf_23.1.2) in /home/tom/.asdf/installs/erlang/23.1.2

Not very informative.

All the asdf-erlang dependencies listed on the plugin github page are installed and updated, and the erlang-asdf plugin and asdf itself are updated to the latest versions.

Previous Erlang versions have installed without problems, including Erlang/OTP 23.1.1

Anyone else getting the same?

Hello and welcome,

Maybe You can try to update asdf itself, and asdf erlang as well.

Not tested, but I know it helped me for a previous erlang update.

I did already update asdf-erlang and asdf itself, but thanks for your input.

When you try installing using kerl manually, do you see different output then?

Thanks for the responses. As it turned out, this was a simple matter of running out if disk space.

(Note to self: In the future, don’t use the defaults that Virtualbox suggests during vm installation).