Can't access endpoint phoenix 1.4.6

I’m working on an umbrella application using phoenix 1.4.6. I started the server and realised that no port was appended to the url in the console. I’ve attempted to access the endpoint in a browser but page is not accessible. Kindly assist.

How have you created the umbrella project and the phoenix based application therein?

Kindly find below commands for the project creation

mix new --umbrella auction_umbrella
cd apps/
mix new auction --sup
mix auction_web --no-ecto


Seems to be a known (and fixed) error.

A similar problem was discussed in Mix phx.server has weird output, does not start on port 4000

Perhaps you can find an adhok solution to the problem in that thread?

Thanks a lot for your assistance. I will downgrade to 1.4.2. Do have a blissful day.