Can't find any detail about the Metrics panel in the LiveDash

Trying to get some more detail about what the different metric panels represent.

For example, I’m unfamiliar with the repo.query.idle_time, repo.query.queue_time and repo.query.decode_time.

I’d like to learn more about what they represent.

That is an excellent question. As you probably know they are telemetry events. They have been outlined in the Ecto docs here:

Here is a snapshot of the docs:

  • :idle_time - the time the connection spent waiting before being checked out for the query
  • :queue_time - the time spent waiting to check out a database connection
  • :query_time - the time spent executing the query
  • :decode_time - the time spent decoding the data received from the database
  • :total_time - the sum of the other measurements

Hope this helps.


Yeah buddy, thank you!