Can't find include lib "eunit/lib/eunit.hrl" error in erlang:latest based docker container

Hello, everybody! Today I tried to learn some erlang on my Windows machine, using VSCode editor’s remote development in container. So I’ve made a Dockerfile like this:

FROM erlang:latest
WORKDIR /project
COPY . .

and added .devcontainer folder with devcontainer.json file for my VSCode like this:

    "name": "Erlang dev container",
    "context": ".",
    "dockerFile": "Dockerfile",
    "settings": { 
        "": "/bin/bash"
    "extensions": []

I added some code in src folder.
But when I try to run
rebar3 eunit
It gives me an error:
can't find include lib "eunit/lib/eunit.hrl"
What’s wrong with my container? Isn’t the erlang:latest from docker hub supposed to be used for development?
Can somebody share your docker + erlang + vscode project settings?
I just want to run and build my project in the container and to work from VSCode on my Windows machine for now.

Ok, that was my mistake - wrong path to eunit.hrl. It should be “eunit/include/eunit.hrl”. My tests have run.