Can't use mix dependencies in rebar3 3.16.1

I’ve just updated to v3.16.1 of rebar3, and it no longer seems to recognise mix dependencies. It gives me the error: Dependency failure: source for esshd does not contain a recognizable project and can not be built.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Here’s an example rebar.config that works in 3.15 and fails in 3.16:

{erl_opts, [debug_info]}.

{plugins, [rebar_mix]}.

{shell, [
  % {config, "config/sys.config"},
    {apps, [mylib]}

{provider_hooks, [
    {post, [{compile, {mix, consolidate_protocols}}]}

{deps, [

I have observed this as well and bisected it to add support to configure application resource naming and · erlang/rebar3@df26bff · GitHub. I’ll open a ticket on the rebar3 repo. Versions <3.16 work fine.

/edit: This has been reported already: Late rebar3 version no longer fetch Elixir dependency · Issue #2575 · erlang/rebar3 · GitHub