Cercle.co - Free Open Source CRM with Phoenix Framework & Vuejs

Hi Guys,

We started to build a new Open Source CRM with Elixir - Phoenix Framework & Vuejs.

This is the perfect combo to have a good CRM.

We wanted to have a solid alternative to Intercom, Saleforce and Trello. So it would be easy to manage your contacts in your company.

It is still alpha stage. We are looking for your feedback !! Any suggestion so we can replace expensive Intercom and build a really modern CRM. We called it by the way: CPM ==> for Customer Project Management. Our next step is to be compatible with Segment.

You can have a look of our “CPM” here


and the github here

Look forward to talk with you !!

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@antoineherzog What features does it offer beyond standard Trello (KanBan) features.
Note: I am not very familiar with the features of Salesforce and Intercom.

Elixir seems like a very good use case for this kind of an application.
Good luck!

We are building a CRM fo Trello lovers.
But it is 100% a CRM so you cannot compare with Trello !
I would happy to give you a personnal demo :smile:
Intercom is very expensive so pick the best features we like from them for free.
Would you available next week for chat?
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Hello Antonie,

It is really a great news. However, I do not really think that you can compete with Salesforce or any other alternative CRM. You website needs improvement, there is little information and 0 understanding of your apps functionality. If you really wish to be among the leading companies like Salesforce, Zoho, bpm’online app, HubSpot, you should spend much money not only on the quality of your system but on marketing as well. While there are so many apps on the crm market, but only a small number of them can be called a worth spending money apps, which are ranked on Forrester or Gartner. But I am sure if you work at it a lot and will improve it, success attends you.

Hey DurgaFreud
Thank you for your message,
We are using Cercle CRM for our own company and we are happy with that. We will release a major update in 2 weeks.
Stay tuned!
Kind regards,

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We got mention into this article!

And we just released the version 1.2 of Cercle CRM. We are looking for feedback!


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Cercle CRM has been approved by AlternativeTo.

If you could give some love and vote for us to support Elixir Open Source software, it would great !!

Your vote is very much appreciated !

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Hi Antoine,

I have never been as excited about a product as I am about Cercle CRM!

I have literally spent the last 48 hours going through 80+ different CRMs looking for this, and then the website wouldn’t let me register!!!

I would love to talk more with you. I’m the founder of Trackit Lights, a school software that helps teachers manage behaviour. I’m on an accelerator program with 100+ other businesses and I’m sure there will be many people who want this.

When are you launching and how can I get in touch with you?



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