Changix - Compile-time changelog features for Elixir

Hey there,

I just finished reading @chrismccord book about Metaprogramming in Elixir and it inspired me to rewrite, in a meta way, some code I already wrote for a webapp of mine.

It’s open-source on Github, it’s changix a lib to manage and display your markdown changelog files.

I will also write a blog post about the metaprogramming lessons I took while coding this lib.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Why not generate the changelog from the commit messages? It would be even more fun and interesting.

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I understand the point, put the purpose is really to announce about feature and changes to end users.
Not to write them some gibberish commit messages they won’t understand :sweat_smile:

Something like headway, minus the $29/month :wink:

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Ok, anyway - nice idea. I haven’t dug into the code yet so I cannot tell anything about it, but the idea is great.

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Thanks mate! It would be great to get feedback about the code