Cheapest way to host a trivial elixir docker container with TLS?

I’m looking to host a trivial elixir (webhook) app (using docker) can anyone suggest the cheapest way to host a trivial elixir docker container with TLS ?

If you are really interested in the cheapest way, then you can’t beat free. Heroku and Gigalixir both offer free plans. No Docker, though.

If paying $5/month isn’t too much for you, then I’d set up a droplet with Digital Ocean, use docker-machine to get it 100% ready for docker, and deploy using docker-compose.

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The TLS termination is the most important thing - willing to pay $15 p/m.

Heroku and Gigalixir offer TLS for free. And it’s quite easy to set it up for yourself on DigitalOcean using certbot and Let’s Encrypt

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Depending on the nature of your app, look into google cloud run

It will run based on a docker container you provide, manage your tls endpoint, handle scaling and only charge for the seconds it is running. At least that’s the idea.

See also

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Dokku with DigitalOcean or Vultr or one of those providers. Dokku makes setting up Lets Encrypt trivial and can deploy your docker via Dockerfile or image.

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Does heroku have free docker available in “beta”? I used it on a few projects and it worked very well. It might be out of beta now.