Check if process is closing

Hello everyone,

I have trouble understanding the state of a closing process.

Here is the context. I catch the terminate function when leaving a channel, to leave a game GenServer. If the number of player get to 0, I close the game.

I would like to broadcast the state of the game if it is alive and not closing.

Here is the leaving function of the GenServer

  def handle_cast({:leave, player}, state) do
    players = List.delete(state.players, player)
    new_state = %{state | players: players, status: :idle}
    case Enum.count(players) do
      0 -> {:stop, :normal, new_state}
      _ -> {:noreply, new_state}

Here is the terminate function of the game channel

  def terminate(reason, socket) do
    Logger.debug("> leave #{inspect reason}")
    game = Registry.game_process(
    username = socket.assigns.current_user.username
    game |> Game.leave(username)
    :timer.sleep 1000
    if Process.alive?(game) do
      broadcast! socket, "update_game_state", Game.get_state(game)

The question, if I remove the sleep, game process is seen as alive, but is in fact closing, and call to Game.get_state(game) returns an error.

How can I catch the real status of the process?

Thanks for taking time.

Oops, my bad, this is solved by making the leave function from handle_cast to handle_call. Sorry for answering my own question… it was hard to figure why