Checking to which network wlan is connected?

I working on configuring wlan on BBB using vintagenet.
i’m able to configure the device to connect to multiple devices.
Now i want to know to which network is it connected.
Is it possible with vintagenet?
As VintageNet.get_configuration() only shows list of configured networks

  ipv4: %{method: :dhcp},
  type: VintageNetWiFi,
  vintage_net_wifi: %{
    networks: [
        key_mgmt: :wpa_psk,
        mode: :infrastructure,
        psk: "F33EBA548E6C3A89C3D56D7EEB3B2A74DC28AA459C2557FF86A3C8683FAA190",
        ssid: "TEST1"
        key_mgmt: :wpa_psk,
        mode: :infrastructure,
        psk: "002B299742748487FB35C21A46ACE6B80844D5512551657A6AA662043A6E5B49",
        ssid: "Hotspot1"

VintageNetWiFi has a property (current_ap) which will have this information:

iex(2)> VintageNet.get(["interface", "wlan0", "wifi", "current_ap"])
  bssid: "11:22:33:44:55:66",
  frequency: 2412,
  band: :wifi_2_4_ghz,
  channel: 1,
  signal_dbm: -41,
  signal_percent: 88,
  flags: [:wpa2_psk_sae_ccmp, :wpa2, :psk, :sae, :ccmp, :ess],
  ssid: "Some SSID"

Thank you @jjcarstens