Child LiveView vs LiveComponent, would like to know pros and cons

I have come to know that I can embed LiveView inside a LiveView, and the approach is similar to LiveComponent, but I am not sure about the use-case, pros and cons. would like to understand the differences.


with livecomponent, the process is the same. so if livecomponent crashes, it means the whole process crashes.

with a nested liveview, it has its own process, so we can have many nested liveviews and if any one of them crash, it won’t affect the other process.

also, livecomponent dont have handle_info, only updated through send_update.

I guess that could give you an idea for a use case… maybe not but hopefully it helps.


oh great, so if the live view crashes, will it restore by reloading or something ?

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Check this out.

will it restore by reloading or something ?

Hmm I think it depends on the crashing strategy of the supervisor handling that process… Perhaps it does but do not believe me.