Choosing Second Option of creating User Authentication

What happen if i choose the second option “Using Phoenix.Controller only” ?


I am using Phoenix 1.7.11 with Elixir 1.16.1

It just creates classic controllers instead of LiveViews.

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Does it means i will not have ability of live view?

One of my reason to built my web app is for supporting webview from laptop/desktop and also mobile phone, which is mean if i only use Phoenix Controller Classic i can only get good looking by user using laptop/desktop?

Yes, it means it will not have the ability of LiveView.

It’s hard to answer the second question. Classic controllers work just like the “old” web—you make a request and it send backs HTML. But you would also use controllers if you wanted to use a different frontend stack, like React or something, in which case you’d have your controllers return JSON. As far as phx_gen_auth goes, though, they return static HTML and every action is a full page reload.

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tks brother haha

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Nooooo problem-o! :smiley: :saluting_face:

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