Chubi a simple Phoenix blog app

I used Hugo before to build my blog. I like the simplicity of Hugo.
But I don’t want to rebuild and publish my blog every time I write a new post. So I decided to build a simple blog app that I can reuse in my projects.

You can visit Chubi project on Github

And this is a demo site:

username: admin
password: 123123

There are probably some bugs that need to be worked out.
All of your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


I wanted to do something like this for my own usage someday, I might use yours as base!

BTW you’ve got 2 python categories (with and without uppercase P), and both give an “Internal Server Error” when accessed.

Thank you for your response, I forgot to check unique for category slug.

Update 12/06/2019

1. Chubi is now supported theme :partying_face:

I built 2 themes: Default chubi theme and Wordify theme

On demo page, you can switch theme from the admin page. Select a theme from drop down list and refresh the Front page to see new theme,

You can easily build your own theme, document will be added later. Or you can copy a theme and edit it.

2. Supported Shortcode :star_struck:

  • I have added 3 built in shortcodes for : Youtube, Vimeo, and Gist. Shortcode demo
  • Shortcode is per theme. Developer can add new short code for each theme.
  • Document will be added soon

Update 12/14/2019

Currently there is no mix task to scaffold a theme, you can copy and modify 2 existing theme.


Update 14 Dec 2019

  • I have added a new mix task to generate theme:
    mix <theme_name>
    Read more here about theme structure

Update Jan 27, 2020

  • Chubi support HTML content editor. Simply add format: "html" to your config/site_params.ex
  • I create a new branch that support ETS storage for post and page.
    For simple blog you don’t need Postgresql, it consumes too much memory. Now you can run multiple blogs on a low spec server. It is cool, right!