CI / CD pipeline in Elixir -phoenix project?

What tools does the community use for a CI/CD pipeline in Elixir?

I haven’t seen much discussion around it.

This is only something I could track.

Enlightenment needed here! :slight_smile:

Edit : clarifications

  1. CI/CD FOR elixir projects = how is it different for say, nodejs project?
  2. Do we have a CI/CD pipeline tool IN Elixir FOR Elixir projects? Would Ci/CD in Elixir have an advantage over CI/CD not IN Elixir ?

Does it have to be written in Elixir? Or CI/CD for Elixir projects?

clarified the original question - it has two parts

  1. CI/CD FOR Elixir
  2. CI/CD IN Elixir.

For both 1 and 2 you should take a look at ci by @sasajuric GitHub - sasa1977/ci: CI/CD toolkit as a library

For 1 I think most people writing web applications use either GitHub actions, circle ci, Travis ci, and probably a couple others.


CI is still far from being usable. Due to personal life events I wasn’t able to invest much time in it. But it’s something I definitely want to work on further, once I find some breathing space.

I briefly mentioned some possible advantages in this Twitter thread.


Notice the parallel function used to run multiple independent commands separately. Beyond reducing the execution time, this will report both errors (code is not formatted and some tests are failing) in a single pass, which AFAIK is already an improvement over many existing CIs.

— Saša Jurić (@sasajuric)

This is my personal favourite! from the twitter thread above!!


Would you mind giving a heads up as to

  1. What are low hanging issues in your github repo that one could resolve and familiarise oneself more with ci library - (GitHub - sasa1977/ci: CI/CD toolkit as a library) ?

  2. What simultaneous reading / experimentation should one do (no prior experience in CI ) to better contribute to this library ?