Circuits.UART - Discover and interface with UARTs and Serial Ports

Circuits.UART is the new name for the Nerves.UART library. Circuits.UART, like its name implies, lets you communicate with hardware devices like Arduinos, GPS modules, modems, serial ports, and numerous other things using a UART.

If you’re a Nerves.UART user, there’s no rush to change. Circuits.UART is currently only a name change, but all future development will be done under the new name.

The main reason for the change is to reduce confusion that Nerves.UART is Nerves-only. Nerves.UART runs on desktop Linux, Mac and Windows and has since the beginning of the project. Several people are also actively working on long-needed improvements to elixir_ale's GPIO, I2C, and SPI interfaces under the Elixir Circuits banner. This seemed like the perfect home for it.

Happy UART’ing!


Great library. Using it to connect to my laser engraver at the moment! Thanks.

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