Closest thing to a Scala worksheet in Elixir world?

Hi all.

In the Scala world there are some tools to instantly evaluate Scala scripts (no REPL):

So far I used some bash tricks like this:

while true; do
    elixir script.exs
    sleep 1

But I wonder if is there any other tool that integrates with some IDE to do some other cool things like:

Dotty worksheet

watch -n1 elixir script.exs

Some IDEs have some “run snippet” or similar behaviour, that can evaluate the currently marked region.

Not sure if that is what you want.

Apart from that, that feature looks pretty much like “run current file”…

From my viewpoint it is REPL that is integrated with your editor. So in reality I would say that it depends on the editor you use.

However if you want to run script on save then you can use entr(1):

echo script.exs | entr elixir /_

And it will evaluate script on each save.

Thanks for the answers!
I’ll try these approaches.

I’m not sure if it is what you’re looking for, but this project seems to integrate Elixir with Jupyter Notebook, if that’s useful to you: