Cmder - Awesome Windows console emulator!

Don’t need to wait for the Linux for Windows subsystem, we already have Cmder!

1.3.0 Pre-Release has been pretty stable for anyone looking to check it out.

Does not fix tab auto completion on Windows 10 in the iex shell though…would be pretty awesome if someone could get the --werl shell working through Cmder.

This issue mentions the tab auto complete problem on Windows 10.

Alternatively…anyone have the Linux for Windows Subsystem installed?
Does tab auto completion work within an iex session when launched from within the bash shell?


Cmder is definitely great, you can even launch Bash Ubuntu on Windows within cmder to double your fun!
Tab completion does work when running iex through Bash on Windows which is one of the primary reasons I switched to the Insider track to install Bash.


I am signing up for insider preview right now!


I have used Cmder in the past. I ultimately settled on just using ConEmu + Clink on their own without the distro stuff that Cmder adds.

@zolrath is right, the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is even better on a really nice term window like ConEMU/Cmder. It’s not a replacement as WSL actually runs Linux binaries which cannot be achieved in any other way on Windows today. With Cmder or Git Bash etc., you are running Unix utilities ported and recompiled to run on Windows.

Development of web/network apps on Windows is certainly looking up these days. (that said, I replaced my last Windows machine, my gaming rig, with Linux last week so now I only run Linux… but may throw on Win10 as a dual boot sometime as a fallback)

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@rodwatkins Thanks for this great article.

Please I could not get make to run in Cmder after following all the steps you outlined.

I’m trying you use a library {:smppex, "~> 0.1.6"} which depends on ranch

Any Ideas please.

BTW this is a fresh windows 10 installation. I’m still looking for a "Step - by step Guide to getting a “fully-functional” windows environment working with elixir. So far your article is the best i have found.