Code BEAM V - Virtual Erlang, Elixir and BEAM user conference - 2020/05/28 and 2020/05/29 - Online

Join us for Code BEAM V on May 28th and 29th.

We have 14 amazing speakers announced already for what will be the biggest virtual Erlang, Elixir and BEAM technologies related conference to-date.

Speakers include JOSÉ VALIM, Robert Virding, Fred Hebert, Louis Pilford and Francesco Cesarini.

Lots of work has gone into creating a virtual event that will replicate the networking and social elements of an in-person conference.

Find out more and book your tickets at


So this is all updated and the event is moved to September 10th - 11th

I’m feeling I’ve not given this enough attention so far. Who is going and what is the talk you’re looking forward to most?

Also does anyone mind updating the original post with the new dates and link?