Code Editor Support Page

Hi all,

Is this list outdated? ( -> Important links -> Code Editor Support)

I am surprised that ElixirLS Fork is not included in the list.

I would like to know what are the requirements to be included in the list.
I think if Gedit (GNOME) is on the list, then Kate (KDE) should also be included.

I just updated it for VS Code.

Additionally, I created some online guides that tell how to use VS Code for Elixir development.



Great job! :smile:

Any news on Elixir code formatters for VS Code?

ElixirLS and the fork both support code formatting. VSCode Elixir supports it as well.

What are you missing?

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Some time ago there were no formatters to prettify Elixir code in VS Code. At that time I developed an extension which calls Vim to format the code using Vim based formatter. Still using it.