Code review: macros and decorator system

Hello, everyone.
I’d like to get your opinion on a pull-request that I just did:

I am currently working on a toolkit to facilitate game server development. Unfortunately, since I don’t know anyone who can review me in Elixir, it is difficult for me to improve and evaluate the quality of my code.

The purpose of this PR is to make a decorator system to define an internal documentation for macros.
The system looks like this:

@desc "Some description for my macro"
my_macro "Name" do
    @desc "Some description for a field"
    field :name, :type

    field :name2, :type2, description: "Some description for another field"

Based on the same system as Absinthe, I was able to generate corresponding structures that I store in a module attribute. Once this is done, I generate a function (elven_get_packet_documentation) that will return the module attribute which contains an array of documentation structures.

So I would like to know if anyone would feel in the mood to do a little review of this PR by posting a few comments (on Github and here if possible :stuck_out_tongue: ).

For the most motivated people, why not a general review of the project.

Thank you in advance.

PS: I just made a Git rebase onto master. It added a lot of unnecessary things to the understanding of the PR. Sorry

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