Codex Vinum - A wine cellar app

Hello alchemists,

I recently launched the preview version of my first Phoenix app, called „Codex Vinum“.

It’s a wine cellar management app. Wine lovers can use it to track their wines, purchases, consumption, and tastings.

The preview version is here:


This is very cool!

Nice, I’ll give it a try when I get some free time!

Just an idea for you: you’ve got lots of inputs to fill in when adding a wine, which may hinder usability and user experience (looking at the animated demo). I would consider auto-filling the inputs as much as possible, based on the existing input, for example: if you type “Streinberger Riesling” you can probably auto-select “Grape variety: White” and/or limit the options in this dropdown to only relevant ones (e.g. “Champagne”, “Madeira” etc doesn’t make sense in the context of a Riesling wine).

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Something similar is on the roadmap. And the form already has a number of dynamic select buttons. Later I will change them to LiveView.