Coherence - Login - Error

Hello, im trying to implemented authentication with coherece(using the module Authenticatable) , When login it i get this error :

protocol Enumerable not implemented for %Blog.User{meta: #Ecto.Schema.Metadata<:loaded, “users”>, activate: true, email: "", id: 2, inserted_at: ~N[2017-06-17 16:48:55.798656], lastname: “Orquera”, name: “Fernando”, password: nil, password_confirmation: nil, password_hash: “$2b$12$kXWco8yQFfPjupM/jxF5ROUY0UX3JHftR.75rD.aMrOa6Z.snzQBy”, profile_pic: %{file_name: “pearljam.jpg”, updated_at: #Ecto.DateTime<2017-06-17 18:44:09>}, status: true, updated_at: ~N[2017-06-17 18:44:09.557290], username: “45Elixir”}

It means the code you’re executing is trying to apply a function that leverages the Enumerable protocol (usually from the Enum module) on this struct, for which it hasn’t been implemented (so the function is unusable as it is).

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I feel stupid jaja, the error was simply, i just was overlooking everything