Collaborative canvas examples

I’m curious if anyone is familiar with Elixir projects that involve collaborative canvasing like or Lucidchart. It seems like maybe a statically typed language like Scala might be better for doing the math but I like the fact that you can use erlang to run python which would be interesting in the case of manipulating panda dataframes with multiple users.

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That is awesome.

However I’m not sure if you have seen Livebook.

Soon it will have all the features you are looking for!! It already has collaboration nailed down.

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OK. This is exactly why I come to these forums bc lots I don’t know still. :slight_smile:

Edit: apparently I have two accounts but this is the same person as above.

[citation needed]

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I think this might be it while trying to find out how to do, what I used to do with Python & Pandas.

Dataframes explorer:

Explorer with LiveBook:


The reason I wrote Soon it will have all the features you are looking for, is because:

LiveBook is geared towards Machine Learning & Data Science tasks. It’s given that these feature eventually get added to it, else it will remain a fancy distributed editor.

Thank yout! I’m sitting down for the wekend to make some progress. This is great.

This might be helpful as well