Collaborative Editing and Versioning of a Field Using LiveView & Ash

Hi all,
It’s been a while and I’d like too test elixir again. This time with Ash.
So as my second weekend project I’d be using Elixir,Phoenix,Liveview,Ash to build a topic list(title, description,…)

In the overview it would show the list of topics with a shortened description, 2 first lines.
In the topic itself it would show the complete topic.
And here comes the specialty I’m seeking to solve.
The description will be:

  • stored in the db
  • realtime collaborative editing a session in ETS:
    Saw a picture on the homepage of livebook: Home -

  • saved to db on save
  • versioning the previous edits

At the bottom of the topic I’d display a list of all the description edits or their diff’s.

As a newbie this will probably take me more than 1 weekend. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.
Feel free to send useful pointers my way.