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Made a cool Livebook you want to share? Please do so in this thread :023:


Creating rainbow using Vix

Creating Rainbow. Quick introduction to working with complex numbers and its operations, mapim, buildlut.

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There is non-interactive blog post version of the same here: Creating Rainbow using Vix 🌈 - *scratch*

I am thinking of writing few livebooks to showcase few core libvips operations that are powerful but lack discoverability or difficult to get the intuition. This is first in the direction. I’m writing as I’m trying to better understand concepts myself, so corrections or any type of feedbacks are welcome.


Auto correct document rotation using Vix

Using image processing techniques such as Fourier Transformation, Complex Planes.

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Video Streaming Server Using FFmpeg

An example showcasing streaming input and output with external program, which is ffmpeg in this case.

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Examples of :io_lib.format in a Livebook

I was doing some number formatting for an exercise (the Ledger refactoring) and was lamenting the lack of printf or strfmt. I looked briefly at :io_lib.format but it didn’t sink in immediately. After a period of darkness, I took a closer look and realized that :io_lib.format was just the ticket.
I didn’t find many examples, so I put together a livebook that covers much of the use of :io_lib.format. It’s fairly straightforward and doesn’t exploit any wild Livebook functionality, but perhaps it will be helpful.

I haven’t published a livebook before, so let me know if it’s not working as expected.


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Stable Diffusion with ControlNet in Bumblebee

With ControlNet you can guide the text to image process of Stable Diffusion.
In this livebook you can give Stable Diffusion a scribble image.
Here the bird image that I used as input in the “Scribble bird” section:

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You can use other types of input images as well, the ones listed here should work: lllyasviel/sd-controlnet-scribble · Hugging Face

You need more than 8GB of RAM to run Stable Diffusion and generating images takes some time. For instance, on my CPU it’s around 5 minutes.

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Hello I created this simple livebook for “Home Economy” budget.
Works by issuing simple querys to a SQLite database.

Hope is useful :slight_smile: