Comparizon and synchronization of two database SQL Server and Postgres

Hello everybody,
I use two databases:
SQL Server and Postgres

I want to compare and Synchronize value in SQL Server and Postgres

Can somebody help me or given to me a directive about it because I don’t know how it works at all

Thanks! :smiley:

Can you provide more detail about what you’re trying to do? Based on “compare and synchronize value”, I don’t know what it is.

I will read data from a sql server table and compare the contents with those of a table in postgres, and if there is a value in the sql server table that does not match that of the table in postgres, the value is inserted into the Postgres table, but if the value is in the Postgres table but not in the SQL server table, it will be deleted

There are lots of ways to approach a problem like this.

The first one is to avoid it entirely: add code to whatever’s writing to the SQL Server database to either write to the Postgres DB directly, or to invoke an API / send an event / etc that does the write to Postgres.

Another option would be to use an off-the-shelf Change Data Capture (CDC) tool for SQL Server to (again) send changes to a system you build that writes to Postgres.

Since you’re discarding data that’s written from the Postgres side, yet another option would be a Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) that allows Postgres to query the SQL Server DB from Postgres. For instance, the Postgres docs call out tds_fdw specifically for SQL Server.

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There’s a ton of ways to do this as @al2o3cr said and I doubt this is actually Elixir-related.

Do you control both databases? Do you control the app(s) that write to either / both?

Hey, it’s entirely Elixir-related, that I want to do is a program who do synchronization of data in SQL Server and Postgres

I have two databases linked to my application, the SQL Server already contains data in thousands, and the Postgres is empty, I have an interface that adds data (the added data is stored in Postgres), So after insert values, I make a comparison of the data of the two databases, if the value is already present in SQL Server, I delete the one in Postgres but if the value is not yet, I add it, and all that with Elixir

My references is the data into a SQL Server,