Compatibility of vscode-elixir and ElixirLS extensions for Visual Studio Code

There are two popular Elixir-related extensions for Visual Studio Code: vscode-elixir and ElixirLS. Does anyone know if they are compatible with one another?

They seem to include some similar functionalities (e.g. code completion), so I wasn’t sure if it would cause problems (conflicts) to have them both installed simultaneously.

I’ve been running both for some time. I started with vscode-elixir, and added ElixirLS as it improved.

I was running both for a while, but recently turned off vscode-elixir and I haven’t noticed that I’m missing anything, or that any conflict was causing problems. ElixirLS is nice, and pretty active development (yesterday autospec feature was added and it’s pretty cool). I’m pretty much an oldschool vim user, but elixirls goto-definition has been something I use every hour. My only peeve at the moment is that #find-symbol-in-workspace seems to to work, where as find-symbol-in-file works fine.