Compilation failure for argon2_elixir with Erlang 26 on Windows 10

Upgrading to Erlang 26 (Elixir v15.0.4) on Windows 10 (Pro 22H2) leads to the following endless loop in the process of compiling argon2_elixir:

Everything worked fine under Erlang 25. Upgrading Visual Studio (to v2022 Community) did not help. Any ideas as to how to resolve this?

Have you tried downgrading elixir to 1.14?

Thanks for your reply. Downgrading to Elixir 1.14.5 (compiled with Erlang/OTP 25) on Erlang 26 does not make any difference: argon2_elixir therefore compiles on Erlang 25, but error-loops on Erlang 26.

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Just to report that this issue has now been resolved, with the latest argon2_elixir update.