Compile in .Exe and include runtime?

How to compile a project in.exe and include the runtime in the exe?

BEAM-based solutions are deployed as systems, not single file programs.

I’m making an assumption that you are looking for a MS Windows based solutions. You have 2 choices:

  1. Create a release and provide a installer that either set it as a Windows service or place a batch script into the start path. This is the common method for non-C/C++/C#/Java applications for Windows. TurboTax, for example, is a Python application that follows this method.

  2. Distribute it as 2 parts: the BEAM runtime as one installer and your application in another installer. This is what Java applications would do.

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Releasing with distillery creates a batch script at ./_build/dev/rel/project/bin/project.bat. I haven’t personally tested it on Windows, but maybe check that out.

I’m also about to figure out how to start and stop elixir project along side C# exe… I got the windows service solution to work but now I want to run it when exe runs.