compile time errors after config update in integration.exs

Hi all, new elixir user here!

We recently updated to 1.13. We have an umbrella application (not sure this is relevant, just stumped here so trying to include everything :slight_smile: ).

I recently changed a config variable in our integration.exs using config/2 & config/3. When I try to compile I get an error that looks something like this:

ERROR! the application :myapp has a different value set for path [:myvar] inside key :mykey 
during runtime compared to compile time.

* Compile time value was set to "old_value"
* Runtime value was set to "new_value"

Clearing the build folder and recompiling makes the error go away. Which makes me think that the compiler is somehow looking at the stale value during recompilation. Unsure if this is a recompilation bug or if I am misunderstanding something. Also, this seems to only happen inside any of our integration.exs files (i.e. dev.exs and test.exs work as expected).

Thanks :smiley: