Compiling Elixir from source, existing fully functional binaries - what next?

Hello there all,

If you are using Debian 12 (Bookworm) then you have access to elixir 1.14.0 from the official packages.

I wanted to install elixir 1.16.1

After installing erlang 26, and downloading Elixir following the instructions in the docs. I proceeded and before executing make I took a look at the arriving files within the tar, I realizing there is an existing bin folder, with fully functional elixir binaries ready to be executed.

Take a look at the following image portraying the above paragraph.

Is it OK to add these binaries to the path variable, or do we really need to execute make? Perhaps there is another tool getting compiled with make non arriving in the bin folder?


Those aren’t binaries, they’re wrapper scripts - for instance, the one in bin/elixir collects the command-line args and ultimately calls a binary in lib/elixir/ebin (which is produced by make)

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Thank you.

Sill, my question (Hmmm… Not a question per se, I would say my comment instead) remains quite the same. I was able to initiate an elixir session without running make first (see the image in the original (first) post).

No a big deal buddy, and then again, you are right, existing files in bin are scripts.

Thank you, and thank you.