Compiling of views taking lit of time during development

Whenever mix phx.server is running, if I make any small changes to anywhere in the controller (even which is completely isolated), all the view files start compiling once again. So everytime I need to test something, it takes 30-40 seconds to load. I have disabled the views in live_reload configuration of dev.exs. But no luck. Is it normal or can we selectively disable these files from re-compiling again and again.


I sometimes have a similar problem when I create a a cyclical dependency across views. Try using mix xref graph --sink lib/<your_app>_web/views/<some_view>.ex --format dot && dot -Tpng -o xref_graph.png && open xref_graph.png with one of your views to visually check for any cyclical deps.


Thanks for the response. I did this on couple of view files. But no luck. :frowning:

What do you mean by “no luck” in this case?

Give Elixir master a go, there are significant improvements in this area: If you can’t, the linked topic mentions articles that I wrote about understanding sources of recompilations and using a script to automatically turn imports into aliases - hopefully you’ll find them helpful.


I mean, still every time it compiles the views as before.

What @idi527 posted was not supposed to fix your problem. It is giving you diagrams with which you can analyse which view depends on which and maybe untangle them a bit and thus reduce recompilation by yourself.


Sure got it.