Complete Source codes of the guides section of Phoenix website


I want to know where I can find the complete Source codes ( preferably as a mix project) of the “Guides” section of the Phoenix official website


That content is generated by ex_doc using this config:

Thanks for your reply

There is no way that I can get a zip file of all the source codes of the Guides section …that I can open in vs code?

Per @al2o3cr 's notes,

The source code this configuration points to compiles markdown source documents here into HTML.

Are you talking about the source code of the exercise in the guides? If so, it’s not available from any official source that I know of, but if you search github or the like there are bound to be some people who complete and uploaded it.

I think the Right answer of my question is that the Source codes of those exercises (Guides section)doesn’t exist no where

I think one improvement for the overall learning experience of the Phoenix framework could be to provide the Source codes of those learning exercises