Concurrent game using Elixir and C++(unreal/unity)??

I wonder if it’s possible to make a game for my Mac such that it doesn’t consume memory simply by using multi cores instead of one with an interop between Elixir(which runs the game on multi cores) and Unreal/Unity(the real game). If so, this could be a possible breakthrough for Elixir and gamedev!!

Hey @ElixirFreak this is sort of a large subject but let’s start with this: More cores vs less cores does not improve memory. In fact often multi-core programs use more memory than single core programs because you need to coordinate work between threads and may end up copying the same data into multiple threads so that you don’t have to worry about controlling access.

The second thing to note is that Elixir’s concurrency model isn’t really about threads, it’s about light weight virtual processes that run inside the BEAM VM. The VM may be run with one thread, or multiple threads. I don’t know enough about the Unreal engine to say for sure how you’d integrate, but I don’t quite see where a simple break through would happen.