Configure error with erlang 23.0.3 in MacOS 11 (Big sur)

Hello everyone,

I’m working unfortunately or necessarily with MacOS 11 Big Sur. And tried to install Elixir Nerves 1.6.3 and uninstall Erlang 23 with Hombrew, according with Nerves 1.6.3 install documentation, it seems that is not possible to reinstall that version with asdf, kerl or brew, even building Erlang / OTP from scratch will not be possible for OTP 23.0.3.

It seems that the only version that builds for MacOSX 11 is Erlang/OTP24. With what you will have:

** (Mix) Major version mismatch between host and target Erlang/OTP versions

I have only been able to build Erlang on MacOSX 11 by following this bug note. But only in OTP 24.


If I try asdf or kerl to build 23.0.3:

checking OTP version... 23.0.3
configure: error: 

  You are natively building Erlang/OTP for a later version of MacOSX
  than current version (11.0). You either need to
  cross-build Erlang/OTP, or set the environment variable
  MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 11.0 (or a lower version).

Try to set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 11.0 or 10.5 doesn’t seems to work


Is there any advance with support for MacOS 11? or someone facing problems with erlang 23.0.3 in MacOS 11?

UPDATE!!! To compile Erlang 23.0.3 from source yo can use “maint” brach, they rebased bugs related with MacOS 11 builds into that branch.

you can use : brew install erlang

Brew Install consistently has a problem with late Erlang (23.0.4) and Elixir(10.0.4) installations. Erlang will run erl -v and shows OTP 22. When attempting to build (23.0.4) via asdf it fails stating I am trying to build with a later version of MacOS than 11. There is no later version.

Eshell v10.7.1 runs appropriately but Elixir crashes looking for some Elixir files.

I really want to use this package, any ideas?