Configure multiple WiFi SSID

Hi all,
recently for I project I needed to be able to configure several WiFi SSID/PSK on the same device, with different priorities (so that the device would preferably connect to one network, but fallback to another one if the first is not available). I noticed that nerves_network does not currently seem to support that. The problem is that, when setting a new entry, nerves_wpa_supplicant currently removes all entries and force select of the new one.

I ended up implementing my own solution on top of nerves_network, if there’s interest in porting this feature to the main library I can share my code.

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well… do please share - could also make for great blog/medium posts (along with the update thing)…

one thing I wonder is if you do a scan to find available/strongest ssid… say I have 10+ aps in the known list (or even 100 or 1000)… then a scan for strongest/available aps and then matching against the list of known aps, would make a lot of sense…

anyways just a thought for perfection when/if something like this is hopefully added to nerves_network…

the use case is certainly there.

Oh yes that feature would be great. I assume though that it would have to be supported by wpa_supplicant on which NervesNetwork and my code both rely.

Or maybe it’s possible already? I know wpa_supplicant allows users to specify priorities, but I don’t know how the algorithm works, nor if it takes signal strength into consideration.

Anyway, I will soon share at least a gist. A full generic solution outside of my specific use case will take a bit more polish, but if the Nerves maintainers like the idea I can contribute a pull request.

Here’s a gist:

I am on the go now, but when I have more time I can work on a pull request to NervesNetwork and WpaSupplicant if there’s interest in it. I would love to hear opinions and comments from the Nerves maintainers.


As an update to this, @tmecklem and I independently started working on this feature without realizing that you had already posted here about it so long ago! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for posting that super-helpful gist! We will take a look and see if there’s anything in there we didn’t think about that we can integrate into the main library, if you’re OK with that.


Oh yeah! Great stuff, thanks for sharing it!

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