Configuring "manipulatePipes" command in LazyVim

I just spent way to much time triggering the ElixLS feature to toggle between the pipe-version and a regular call, in LazyVim. But I like the fact that it’s possible, and I’d like to share.

See the gist here: Execute "ManipulatePipes" command in LazyVim · GitHub

I would point to documentation about the command on the ElixirLS website, but it seems undocumented (please tell me if I’m wrong!). I only knew about it by accident.

I got some inspiration from elixir-tools.nvim, but wanted to integrate it with minimal dependencies into my LazyVim config. Mission accomplished! :muscle:

Would this have a place in lazyvim.plugins.extras.lang.elixir? Or is it too specific/personal?

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