Confuse some error in VS Code, works in Terminal elixir

Hello, i have some error in Visual Studio Code, some code i am trying to execute from elixir guidline web not working but works well in terminal elixir, above picture is working in terminal elixir but below here the code not working in vs code


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I believe you’re getting a name collision between iex.bat (the Elixir shell) and iex (the Powershell alias for Invoke-Expression):

in the guideline show just typing iex kv.exs but in Windows is showing error

what should i type to make my file kv.exs run well ? like below guideline from elxiir web

On Windows with Powershell, you’ll likely have to type iex.bat kv.exs because the name used everywhere else (iex) is already a built-in command in Powershell.

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Tks Sir, it’s works, :partying_face: