"connect_all false" not work


I want to disable Node Connections transitive, so I add --erl "-connect_all false" line flag, but it seems not work for me. And I also try it in erlang , it worked well.

Is there a bug in elixir or something wrong with me ?


It was working the last time I used it. Can you please show us the full command you were using?

Thanks for your reply!
The command is

iex --sname x@localhost  --erl "-connect_all false" -S mix

I finally find this may caused by PhoenixPubsub.

You can run the command in the project , it is easy to reproduce this issue , but I have no idea how to fix it.

@zombiecong Did you ever find a solution? I filed an issue and created a repo where --erl "-connect_all false" works as expected without phoenix and fails to work with phoenix.

I’ve been diving into the phoenix and phoenix_pubsub codebases trying to find a workaround, but no luck yet.