Connect Phoenix web server to Netflix Eureka

Hi !

I am trying to create a micro-service in Elixir, and I want to connect it to Netflix Eureka, which is currently used to manage several existing microservices written in Java and Javascript. The elixir microservice is designed to be kind of a POC but we want to integrate it in the long term.

I found the eurexa project but i’m not sure if it works and it seems that it is not maintained. Moreover it has near-zero documentation…

Has any of you guys any idea on how to do that ?

Thanks for your time

Check if the API used by the eurexa don’t change for 5 years. If it don’t you can use it.

However, the code doesn’t allow you to use custom things : it use httpoison and poison. So it will add 2 more dependencies to your app.

Also it is not on (not an issue but nice to know).

Maybe you can simply use it and fork the project / send them PRs.

Personally I wouldn’t use it and code everything for my hands (fork their repo and do a big PR or create a new lib)

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Thank you for your time, I’ll think about it !

Your answer is really helpful

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