Connect to a remote node running inside a Docker container accessible by a bastion host?

I’ve read all the tutorials for connecting to a remote running node locally using SSH. But we have one extra layer of complexity I’m not sure how to deal with. I can connect to the machine running our application, start a shell session and connect to the node, but ideally I’d like to do that remotely. Has anyone connected to a running instance only accessible via a bastion host?

Alternatively, I could include observer in my release and debug from the machine running the application. What’s the right move here?

Check out wobserver - it might be just what you want.

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Was looking at that :eyes:

Careful though, last I looked at wobserver it had a few major security issues, so you wouldn’t want to use it in production, only in development (on a closed network). Maybe fixed by now but not last I checked anyway.

Was just pouring over the docs on that topic actually. It’s a fantastic project but security makes it not very usable :frowning_face:. I need something in production.

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Just don’t make the port normally accessible, so you have to ssh login to the correct machine with a tunnel.

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