Connecting DHT22 throught DHT11 overlay

I want to read data from DHT22 sensor but since it uses its own OneWire protocol, w1-gpio overlay does not work.

I know there is nerves_dht package but it actually uses Python library to read data from DHT sensors and I want to avoid using it.

There is dht11.dtbo overlay (firmware/dht11.dtbo at master · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub) which works well with DHT22 and DHT11 sensors. It saves data in


but it seems Nerves does not support it.

Namely when I connect sensor and enable this overlay in Raspbian everything works fine but when I do the same in Nerves iio folder does not appear.

Does Nerves support this overlay?

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In case anybody needs it solution is to create custom Nerves system with additional two lines in linux-4.19.defconfig file:


and adding dht11 overlay in config.txt and fwup.conf files.