Connecting multiple Raspberry Pi Zeros on a local wired network

Hello! Nerves/Elixir newbie here. I am trying to connect several Nerves devices on a local wired network without any sort of DHCP server, instead using an ethernet switch, with each device having a static IP address. Ideally severally of these devices would be R.Pi Zeros. Is it possible to use a microUSB-to-Ethernet adapter with Nerves on an R.Pi Zero? And if so, would the interface be usb0 or eth0? Would nerves_network be the way to go, or is something like VintageNet more appropriate? Or am I wasting my time trying to get the Zeros to work? If I have to, I will switch to using R.Pi 3Bs, but I would much prefer the form factor of Zeros.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!

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