Connecting to Azure IoT Hub

Hi @fhunleth @GregMefford @tmecklem @ConnorRigby - nice to meet you all at ElixirConf and looking forward to working on a Nerves sample connecting to Azure IoT Hub. Working on getting the MQTT over TLS to work right now. Once that is working, I will get in touch if I run into any issues with Nerves.


MQTT over TLS is working now:

Thanks @gausby for the pointers!


Awesome! Sorry for the delay in responding here. I saw it immediately after ElixirConf and then forgot about it in the post-conference exhaustion cool-down phase. :sweat_smile:

Let me know if there’s something we can help with to move the project forward and get Nerves closer to official Azure IoT integration.

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Thanks @GregMefford. I’m trying to find the right point in time when I should switch over to getting the code to run on a device. I’m thinking once I have an actual Elixir application with proper supervisor structure written that does something minimally useful like send a random value up to IoT Hub every few seconds, then it would be a good time to get it running on a device and use an actual sensor (e.g. temp) instead of a random value. What’s the device that you’d recommend for such a hello world project, out of the ones that Nerves supports?

Also, building a full IoT Hub Device SDK is a fairly large effort (it’s not just an API wrapper), so I could also use help with that at some point, in case you are interested :slight_smile: I’ve done a bunch of research into what it would take to build one; it’s more work than I thought and will take me a long time by myself.

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As far as starting hardware, I recommend the Raspberry Pi Zero W because it offers a USB gadget connection so that you can plug it directly into your computer to provide both power and data connections. It is also very inexpensive; you can get a complete starter kit for around $30. This is the one we used in the “Less Pain Embedded Systems with Elixir and Nerves” training at ElixirConf.

I don’t think I can personally commit to building and maintaining an SDK (I have too many projects already), but I’d be happy to help out or guide someone else who is interested in doing it!

Sounds good, thanks. I still have the Pi Zero W from the training :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wasn’t looking for someone to take it over; I’ll be working my way towards building a full SDK bit by bit. I’ll gladly accept any guidance/help along the way!

Hi @thovoll ! Any progress ? My Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription for one IoT Hub is languishing because I’ve turned off all my Intel Joule boards (what a waste of time they were !)
I would like to connect my shiny new RPi3B+ boards (Nerves) up to Azure, too.