Connecting to Firebase's Realtime Database from Elixir?

Does anyone know if there is a library (or other way) to connect to Firebase’s Realtime Database from Elixir and watch for live changes?

In Node, it’s something like:

    .ref('path/' + val)
    .on('child_changed', function (snapshot) {
        // do something here

The docs say that “This mode of data retrieval [asychronous listeners] is supported in Java, Node.js and Python Admin SDKs”, so I’m guessing that it isn’t possible, but I thought I would at least ask. :slight_smile:

(I don’t even see examples of child_added in their Python docs.)

If it isn’t possible, maybe it would be possible to write just a few node.js functions to listen for realtime database changes and then send them over a websocket to an Elixir app that handles everything else with the REST API? (I’m a beginner with Elixir.)

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