Consistent elixir error when installing v1.14.3 with erlang v24 or v25

on a windows 10 with all updates installed I keep getting this error when trying to run Elixr -v when installing elixir 1.14.3 with Erlang 24.

when installing elixir 1.14.3 with erlang 25 I then get a bunch of compilation errors asking for a re-compile with elrang v25,

the question is what and do I recompile with v25

another thing i just found out0.

Which error do you get?

And how did you install it?

I thought I copied the error: but in essence is that the elixir compiler/run time system fails with the erl failed to iinit the run. so what I did was to go back all the to v13 of the elixir system with erlang v24 and it runs.

the elixir v1.14.x will not run with erl:24 or 25 on my windows machine. and when installing the latest versions: 14.3/25.x.x elixir will start and create a mix project but when trying to run the mix phx.server then you get the error XXX module needs to be compiled with v25 of erlang,

you figured that being the latest there should not be any compile error of that type…

anywho: I’ve got elixir 1.13 running with erlang 24 and now I can continue to play… now the problem is getting familiar with components, and the beat goes on…

I installed both the erlang and elixir packages using the available windows installers, then configured the path to point to the packages in the program files system folders…

is there another way to install them?

Are you recompiling the project after updating? I don’t recall needing to but you can always delete _build to force it to recompile everything.

I prefer to use scoop but there are Chocolatey (:face_vomiting:) packages now.

scoop install erlang
scoop install elixir@1.14.3-otp-25

You can use the @<version> method to specify a version with erlang too e.g. scoop install erlang@25.2.2. OTP version numbers are taken from here and Elixir version numbers from here.

thanks for your response.

1: deleted _build
2: mix deps.clean --all
3: mix compile --force
4: mix phx.server
5: frustatition level hit 50k feet… got up and gave up for the day…

LoL :slight_smile:

version 1.14 of elixir and erl v25 don’t like each other on my windows 10 box…

after reviewing the github messages, it seems this is a known problem at least on windows and it seems it has to do with the windows installer not recognizing the different versions.

Try removing all Erlang from your system and all Elixir and install both. And let us know if it works. If it doesn’t, please paste the error. :slight_smile:

thanks Jose, I will do that in the next couple of days. what I did was to work on a mac I had on loan to finish the course I was taking.

I will do as you suggest and report back probably by 2/25/23 at the latest.

Again thank you for taking the time to respond. awesome support.



I updated a: windows to v11 from 10, removed all traces of elixir/erlang
re-installed erl-v25, re-installed elixir v14 and it all works now:

thanks Jose… obrigado