Consulting Integration Architect - Nashville, TN

Introductory paragraph

HCA is seeking talented Elixir developers to process high volumes of medical device data from tens of thousands of medical devices, utilizing our Elixir data processing engine “Waterpark.” Waterpark is built on Elixir and the OTP, and utilizes the actor model to process data at scale and with high redundancy and no downtime.

Here’s a link about Waterpark by Bryan Hunter from this year’s Strange Loop conference: Waterpark: Distributed Actors vs. The Pandemic

About us

My name: Tim Dunnington
My position: Associate Vice President
Company name: HCA, Inc.
Website: HCA Healthcare
Country: US
Company info and history:
HCA is one of the largest healthcare providers in the world, with over 185 hospitals and over 2,000 other care sites in the US and UK. Founded in 1968 in Nashville, TN, we now operate hospitals in 21 states and London, and process 35 million patient visits annually across our care system. We live our mission: “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.”

About the job

Job title: Consulting Integration Architect
Job description: Primarily back-end development using Elixir See full JD/Application here
Salary range: Cannot disclose
Position on remote work: Remote work is possible for exceptional candidates
Qualifications or experience required: Elixir development experience required
What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Successful applicants will be working on acquiring and processing a high-volume (up to 100 million transactions daily) of medical data from active medical devices throughout our system of 185 hospitals, and making that data available to downstream users such as data science, data lakes, cloud providers and more. Development tasks include building new Elixir Waterpark modules to process medical device data, as well as utilize cloud-native technologies from the Google and Azure clouds.

We also have need of front-end development for monitoring the medical devices and data streams.

About the interview process

  1. Informal interview/discussion with me, to discuss the job and assess applicant fit
  2. Formal application through our HR system, and short call with our HR recruiting team
  3. Formal interview with technical team; may include code writing during the interview
  4. Final interview with department leadership

Further info

Email me directly at, and/or apply here