Content management system for Phoenix?

Hi all!

I have a potential case that involves a web site with a lot of admin-generated content, as well as custom features. So it needs CMS functionality, and I could use some advice on my options. The way I see it, currently my options are:

  • Use a CMS made for Phoenix. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is a well-featured one that is maintained. Thesis and Contento both look like they’ve been abandoned.

  • Use a headless CMS such as Ghost or Strapi and integrate with it. Downside: it makes the app more of a distributed system with related headaches and extra work.

  • Roll my own. Not loving this idea at the moment, even though I could maybe use something like Kaffy to build on.

  • Write the app in Python and use Django and Wagtail. Downside: loss of Elixir goodies, the concurrency model in particular.

If you have suggestions or ideas, I’d be happy to hear them.


We’re working on an Elixir-based CMS with Postgres + Elasticsearch + Absinthe GraphQL + Vue over here. It’s not quite ready for prime-time, but getting there. Currently fighting with Absinthe to get dynamic runtime GraphQL schemas (for user-defined data models).

In the meantime, we’ve found Prismic to be pretty cost-effective for clients we work with as it has a generous free tier and a pretty good API. There’s also Storyblok, Takeshape and Sanity that have decent free tiers. I doubt it’s worth the trouble to maintain a separate CMS in Node, but your mileage may vary.


I’ve considered using Airtable and it’s API support for something similar but never really tried it so can’t speak to specifics. Good luck.

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Has anyone tried and figured something out ?

Would love to hear your opinions.

This weekend I’m going to test PardallMarkdown which seems great for what I need. I’ll let you know my opinion after trying it out.

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